Big Star

by Haley

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morning's broken, the night is gone what have we become something, something wrong, something. i don't think you hear what i'm saying i don't think you took the time to learn so you drop to your knees and you start praying, but you're screaming to the stars that burn. they used to try and tell me what to do, but I never listen to a thing. so I jumped right in and i made out like a fool for the green eyed boy who was born in the spring. become. what have we become...
Arms of Harm 02:40
you've been keeping something from me baby by now maybe it’s disappeared. i've been waiting for the perfect moment, just to own it, just to say that I'm okay without a lot you and me is all i got. i've been waiting in the ground for hours under the flowers, burying. i just wanna rest with you forever in the stormy weather, listening. we were the grass, now we're the rain. i wanna see you smile again. you bring the guitar baby i'll bring the beer. we'll sing and dance till it’s half past two and then we'll fall asleep... dreaming of the way it’s supposed to be, safe from the arms of harm.
i'm just a bag blowing across the lawns, landing 'round your feet until you have to look down. and when you look down all you see is the ground and the grass and the giant's feet. can i play with your hair while you play on the keys and i'll close my eyes when i'm in love with the sound. alone in my castle, an inch from a mile, with little maiden gin. and no more thoughts of him. and no more thoughts of sin. It’s the needle i keep pulling you by and the thread wrapped tightly around our sides that pulls you back to the mountain side and makes me miss your spider arms around me...
Big Star 02:50
you can dress yourself up, put on a little bit of make up. go out and get a hair cut and stumble out into the morning. they'll all hate you tomorrow when no one buys your single, and when you fall we'll look the other way. they're gonna buy you airplanes and fly you over the oceans and give you all the loving that you need. you’re gonna be a big star waiting... on a big wish i'm making. they're gonna call you baby, treat you like the symbol of something that they'll never understand. i'm gonna read your stories, spend springtime in the gardens, tell my children all about the days. when i can't make you happy. i can't make you money. i can only fold your laundry. you’re gonna be a big star waiting... on a big wish i'm making...
May Day 03:12
mayday, i'm sorry 'bout the weather. hold me closer than ever. wise men say, i'm a fool but it’s fun. higher than high. i'm a fool but it’s fun. why? but you'll be lonesome too/lonesome and blue.
Better Half 03:38
what happened to you? you used to be punk. now they filled up your head and you spend your days drunk on the itty bitty sound of your itty bitty guitar, thanking god that your old image has helped you get this far. but when you exhale do you still smell smoke, when you laugh now is it still at a joke or are you so full of fire that you feel yourself choke, on your better half. i guess when you age you start realizing things, you start doing your part and wearing left-handed rings. then you wake up at night in the middle of your past at the edge of your bed with your head floating fast. i used to get high at the sound of your laugh now you're boring and sad and you've always got cash. but when you close your eyes are you still waving back on your better half. we called ourselves free, but we loved the weight of the chains and the smile on your mouth is run with old coffee stains. standing right in front, 4 bucks for the show, i felt myself lifting and my ears start to blow. the windows were easy to crawl out at night, it'd be just you and me and the bright starry light. i said ‘i wanna forget you but i don't know how' but you must not have heard me cause you started to laugh at your better half.
you be talking 'bout something great, but you don’t really know what you’re saying. i guess that goes without to say, you don’t really know what you’re paying for. it’s in the way you see. my mother told me this yesterday, girls like me ought to get to somewhere. it’s not really much of the things you sang, but how you look at them and who does your hair. but it’s in the way you see...
rock n' roll's got a big stereo now it won’t go to heaven and won’t go to hell it'll tear you from the inside fuck with your spine, take you to the same place i lost my mind. call me all the names you know i can't understand, take me by the hair, then take me by the hand. before i break another record with a fist in my hand i'm gonna let you all know exactly where i stand. and do you think it’s gonna change, do you think it’s a little strange and let it roll down your tongue like you’re the queen of everything. baby when you lie to me i feel free it bounces out your mouth and out onto the street you say i talk like a sailor and you don’t like my tone, well get off my ship cause i'm going home. and when i'm home, i'll get some sleep, no time to talk, cause talk is cheap and let me hear what i want, like i'm the queen of everything. when you gonna blow your stack?
Highway 16 02:37
highway 16 is so pretty got a part-time job working in the city. got a guy on my arm and everything’s going fine. so with a heave and a laugh i put my foot on the gas, don't stop for directions no time to ask. i gotta get my ass across that county line. yeah my job was great, it put food on my plate but it all gets old i wanna start clean slate so i packed my blue suitcase and hit the road. yeah my boss was mad and my guy got sad but they couldn't make me feel so bad that i wouldn't just jump the gun, get up and go. hitting the highway is so sweet when it’s nothing but you and your own two feet who says life's weighed down to a rickety old town where everybody knows your name? it’s just me and a map and a cup in my lap life's getting a lot better, no doubt about that but i got this feeling all that's about to change. that open road was calling me i had no idea it was so lonely after 2,000 miles the roads all seem the same. there's a lot of time to just clear your mind and listen to the same tapes 18 times and think about the ones i've left behind. let’s think about the ones i've left behind.
Along 02:28
i first saw you there, holding your guitar. something in the air had brought me over here. but i've been to that place in mind where no one dares to go, singing out loud to the love songs on the radio. but i bet you sing along.
Tiger Boy 03:32
spider web, see-through dress, hiding in the corner when you look your best. something in the air that makes us hold our breath, will you be mine again. tiger boy, tie your shoes i know you’re in a hurry but there's lots we've gotta do. automatic weapon in an automatic hand, will you be mine again. some things in the world make it seem alright yet those things are few and far between. remember when we used to stay up all night? then we'd wake up happy from the same old dream. and i'll go where you go. silly me, misery. i'd do anything just so you'd look at me. turn around three times and you'll be home with me, and you'll be mine again. i'll go where you go.


released June 10, 2008

Produced by Haley Bonar
Mixed by Tchad Blake
Afternoon Records

All songs written by Haley Bonar
Bass on 1,2,5,6,7,8,9 and additional backing vocals on 9 by Chris Morrissey
Electric Guitar on 1,2,3,4 by Bill Mike
Drums on 1,2,5,6,7 by Dave King
Drums on 8,9 by Luke Anderson


all rights reserved



Haley Saint Paul, Minnesota

Hi! You've found my band camp page. The sales from purchasing these albums goes directly to the artist (me!) with the exception of the band camp fee of course. So, thank you!
You may also notice my name says just "Haley" and my records still say Haley Bonar. This year I legally changed my name to reflect my maternal lineage, Haley McCallum, and decided to go mononymous with my stage name.
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